What is a Budin Splint?

Ugly ToesA budin splint is an apparatus designed to help straighten toes that are affected by a common condition known as hammer (or claw) toe.  They are often referred to as hammer toe splints.  A budin splint is a soft pad containing one or more loops in which the toes are inserted.  These loops help to extend the toe and pull it down into a natural position.  Results are not immediate, but over time the affected toes should gradually straighten.

This type of splint is designed to be worn inside of the shoe throughout the day.  People will often wear them around the house at night inside of their socks too.  They should not be worn while sleeping, if you suffer from diabetes, or have circulation issues.  If you suffer from any of these conditions, you should consult your physician before utilizing this device.  Using this type of splint should not cause additional discomfort or pain.  If it does, reduce its use or cease using it and consult your doctor.

Hammer toe is usually caused by a lack of proper foot arch support and often from wearing shoes that are too small.  It is a condition that develops over time, and it can take a while to reverse if you are seeking a non-surgical fix.  Many people will often try a toe straightener (such as the budin splint) before opting to go the surgical route.  You should be well aware of what causes hammer toe, because in order to correct it you need to eliminate the factors that caused or contributed to it.

Here is a great article from The Guardian talking about the battering that the author's feet took over the course of her lifetime.


Funny things, feet – almost forgotten as appendages, largely taken for granted, overlooked and neglected unless something goes wrong with them. We squeeze them into unsuitable shoes and then complain about the blisters, bunions and hammer-toes. I remember watching my granny being fitted for a pair of orthopaedic shoes – every one of her toes had been dislocated (dancing), she had arthritis and a pair of whopping great bunions. "Good grief!" I thought "I hope mine don't end up like that." Well, here we are 30 years later and I'm well on the way…

I've danced myself silly in strappy platform sandals, bent my foot going en pointe before my bones were properly set, broken two toes playing cricket and walked through the Atlas Mountains, in July, in a pair of Birkenstocks. There's a half moon scar from stepping on plate glass, a slice out of a toe from an accident with a spade and an impressive left foot stigmata from standing on a six inch nail. My feet are considerably battle-scarred and every summer I think I can't possibly revive the poor things but they always surprise me by buffing up a treat, bless 'em....More at The Vintage Years: these feet were made for winter - The Guardian (blog)

Here is a video from Dr Michael Uro explaining what a hammer toe is.


Please keep in mind that you should always consult your physician any time you have questions or are making decisions related to your health and well being.  No one likes the thought of going through a surgical procedure, but this is sometimes necessary depending upon the severity of your condition.  Your doctor can help you make the proper decisions.  Click Here for more information about toe straightening devices.