Toe Straightening Socks To The Rescue

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There are a number of different products and devices on the market today that are designed to address problems with crooked toes.  But you won't find any as comfortable as a pair of toe straightening socks!

They are designed to be comfortable and to help rejuvenate your feet.  They aren't like any pair of traditional socks.  They have openings that allow your toes to extend through the socks.  The soft and fluffy fabric separates and stretches your toes and attempts to align them perfectly.  They are claimed to be so comfortable that you can even sleep in them.  You will not want to attempt to wear these inside of your shoes.  They are really made to be worn around the home and for sleeping in.  This isn't a quick fix solution, but can help to gradually straighten your toes over time.

The Comfy Toes Foot Alignment Socks are one of the most popular brands on the market, and carry an average 4 out of 5 star review on one of the most trusted retail sites on the Internet.  They are designed to address issues of aches and pains, pain in the ball of your foot, hammer toes, bunions, plantar fascitis, and can even help with foot cramps.  They are washable, and made from elastane, polyester, and acrylic.

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So what are other people saying about them, and are they right for you?  Well, priced at around $7.00 - $8.00, cost shouldn't be a factor.  With a 4 star rating out of the 26 reviews received thus far, it is safe to say that the vast majority of those who have tried them have been very pleased.

Debbie from Arkansas provided a 5 star review, stating that her outside toes had been badly malformed due to the type of shoes she wears, so she purchased these socks in hopes in hopes that they would fix the problem. She liked that they were easy to put on and were very comfortable.

On the first day of wearing them, she could feel the stretch in her pinky toe, but after four days of use her toes are comfortable and relaxed when wearing the socks.  She could really feel the stretch on her other foot on the first day and they were uncomforable to wear.  After that first day though, she could see a difference even after that one treatment. After wearing them for approximately 45 minutes two times per day for four days in a row, she stated that the re-alignment of her right toes was very obvious. She continued to wear them but for longer durations (2 hours per day) and stated "I'm extremely pleased".

That was obviously a glowing review, but I wanted to share a couple of the negatives (althought there were not many negative reviews to choose from).  There was a single 1 star review, and a single 2 star review.

The 1 star review was from Judy in Michigan.  She stated that her toes are small and very close together, and was not pleased with the size of these socks.  She stated that they seem like they were made for giants.

The 2 star review was from a person that stated that the partitions in between the toes were too big, and caused them to be uncomfortable.  They stated that they would not recommend them for sensitive feet or to people who have arthritis.

We already know that hammer toes and other foot conditions can be uncomfortable, and that any effort to correct these conditions can cause additional discomfort.  That is why we would recommend that you start off wearing them for a limited amount of time, and increase your usage for longer durations as your feet start to tolerate the change.

And remember, always consult your physician for any matters related to your health.  They can guide you toward the best solution for your specific scenario.

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