Toe Straighteners for Bunions – Are they Worth the Effort?


Summer is often a difficult time for those affected by unsightly foot problems.  I've been there, so I understand, and I suspect you are exactly like me.  You wear sandals with covered toes or your tennis shoes to the pool, just to keep others from seeing your condition.  You are embarassed to go barefoot, because you don't want others to see.  You wear socks around the house instead of going barefoot.  Well it doesn't have to be that way.  Take action and do something.  Whether you decide to focus on the problem yourself, or seek the help of a physician, just do something.  

Yes, this is meant to be an inspirational speech, and I hope you realize that you can be cured of your condition.  It just takes action on your part. posted a great article about looking great in sandals.  It is that time of year.

Whether you’re struggling with foot pain or unsightly feet, or you just want to be comfortable, follow these tips from the Snyder Stuart Podiatry Centers. 


1.      Clear corns and foot calluses. Calluses are protective thickening of the skin which develop as a result of abnormal recurrent friction and pressure. Soaking your feet in an intense moisturizer foot soak will help soften the calluses for easy removal. 

2.      Treat nail fungus. Toenail fungus is caused by tiny organisms that infect nails. Toenails tend to attract fungus more often than fingernails because our feet supply it with a warm, moist, dark environment to grow in. There are multiple causes of toenail fungus, all of which can be treated, and often quickly.

3.      Heal bunions. A bunion is a bony bump at the base of a big toe that is formed when the joint becomes swollen or enlarged, forcing it to crowd against the other toes. The most common cause for a bunion is wearing shoes that are too tight. For this reason, bunions tend to travel in pairs, one on each foot. While comfort surgery may be required, there are several non-surgical solutions that can relieve, even eliminate, bunion pain....More at How to Look Great in Sandals this Summer -


If you have ever wondered what happens in a bunion surgury, you can watch the following video and see for yourself.  I would personally try a toe straightener before surgury if given the option by my physician. Always consult your physician for advice on any matters related to your health and well-being.

So take off those shoes and go barefoot this summer.  Take the steps to fix the problem that ails you say goodbye to the embarassment.