How to Straighten Toes

How to Straighten ToesFor those with crooked toes, the embarrassment experienced has most likely sent them in search of information on how they can straighten their toes.  Some people are born with crooked toes, a condition called Clinodactyly, usually affecting the fifth or fourth toe.  This condition can also be caused by a toe fracture or arthritis, and made more serious by wearing tight shoes.

Another type of crooked toes are called a hammer toe which affects the big toe and second toe.  While crooked toes are not dangerous in most cases, they can cause problems and pain for many people.

Having a crooked toe is often embarrassing.  Women with hammer toes are usually uncomfortable wearing sandals or other open-toed shoes, and this restricts their lifestyle.  When a condition starts to affect lifestyle choices, seeking medical intervention or other solutions is the best choice.

In some severe cases, it may be necessary to seek surgical intervention.  However, most people can lessen the degree of curve or straighten their toes with a specialized toe straightener.

Depending on which toes are affected, the type of toe straightener will vary.  Usually they work by fastening around the toes and gently keeping them straight.  The straightener can be worn at night and will work slowly over time.  While at first, using a toe straightener may be uncomfortable, they do give excellent results and can improve foot pain and overall foot health.

If you are considering using a toe straightener, talk to a doctor or podiatrist about the best options available.  They will have recommendations on which products are the most effective and best for each person's situation.

There are many options available for each type of crooked toe.  While crooked toes may be an embarrassment, people don't have to live with the pain and discomfort of having bent toes. Once you know how to straighten toes, it is simple to purchase and start using a toe straightening product.