Hammer Toe Straightener

Hammer Toe StraightenerHammer toe straighteners are devices that are meant to help correct a condition of bent toes.  The toes are usually in this position as a result of shoes that are too tight or that compress the toes into an unnatural position.  There are also some medical conditions like diabetes, arthritis or stroke that can cause crooked toes.  In order to correct this condition a hammer toe straightener can be used along with wearing shoes that have enough room to allow them to straighten.  These types of devices can help people with crooked toes relieve pain and assist them in straightening their toes.

There are many versions of devices that can assist with straightening out hammer toes.  The majority of these straighteners apply pressure to the toes that are bent out of shape.  These types of devices are worn for a period of time each day to help gently reshape the joint to unbend it.  The straighteners do two things; use compression and place gentle strain on muscles and ligaments that need to be strengthened.

The three main types of hammer toe straighteners are sling-like straighteners, gel straighteners, and toe position straighteners.

Sling-Like Straighteners
The least expensive of the three are the sling like straighteners that loop over the toes and usually over the back of the heel to pull the toes into shape when in a shoe.

Gel Straighteners
The gel straighteners are more expensive but are more specialized.  They can be custom molded to fit your foot and worn for periods ot time each day to straighten and relieve pain.

Toe Position Straighteners
A toe position straightener meant for a single or double toe.  These have a place for the toe to fit with a larger piece that secures it from underneath.

All of these devices can be used to help individuals regain confidence as they straighten and relieve pain from toes that are out of alignment.  Hammer toe straighteners can be an option before a surgical approach to fixing crooked toes.