Do Bunion Protectors Work?

Frankenhoof(Image by knottyboy via Flickr)

Oh those painful bunions...  If you are living with bunions then you are well aware of how uncomfortable they can be.  Ideally, you should be consulting with your physician to discuss the potential surgical and non-surgical options for correcting your bunions.  The idea of surgery is not attractive to most, and you will need to be off of your feet for a while for recovery.  

While a bunion protector won't make your bunions go away, they are ideal for helping to cope with the pain and discomfort that comes with them.  There are a number of different brands and styles available online or at your local drug store that are worth trying.  Popular models from Pedifix, Dr Leonard's, and PolyGel are good ones to look at.  They can provide relief by reducing pressure and friction.  Some models will release mineral oil on to the surface of the affected skin to help soften and smoothe the area.  They can fit comfortably in most shoes, and are often washable so they can be reused for months.  They are an inexpensive option for relieving pain, but do they work?

Check out the following article about treating bunion pain:


How do you treat bunion pain? If you are suffering from bunion pain you may want to consider using a bunion splint or protector. They can help relieve some of the pain you feel and help help relieve shoe pressure.

Bunion splints or protectors help protect the foot from shock, vibration, and blisters. They reduce friction which helps prevent blisters. Some help to moisturize the bunion as well. This helps to soften the skin and prevent scarring.

What are the best bunion splints or protectors? There are several to choose, three of the best are the Silipos Gel Bunion Protector, the Silipos BunionCare Gel Sleeve, and the ProCare Bunion Splint. Each of these braces are ideal if you are suffering from bunion pain.

The goals these products hope to achieve through their use are: decrease the need for anti inflammatory medications, to protect the bunion before and after bunion surgery, reduce painful symptoms and improve the first MPJ function.

The most comfortable of the three splints is the Silipos BunionCare Gel Sleeve....More at Best Bunion Splints and Protectors | Pain in Arch of Foot

You can see from the picture above the after-effects of bunion surgery.  While this can be a painful process to endure, it is sometimes necessary.  You can watch the video below from Dr. Khan-Farooqi for more information on what is involved in a bunion surgery.

You don't have to live each day with the pain from bothersome bunions.  Either seek out a surgical solution or try a bunion protector to find some comfort.  Wear shoes that are comfortable and roomy, and you ladies should avoid high heel shoes.