Bunion Corrector Review

Not only can bunions be a source of pain and discomfort, but they can also affect your ability to exercise and perform other physical activities.  So today we are taking a closer look at the bunion aid hinged splint from Alpha Orthotics in this bunion corrector review.  While this device is a little more expensive than some of the other options, it is a top choice in preventing bunion progression, overlapping toes, and hammer toes.  It is also claimed to help you potentially avoid surgery.  We should add however, that you should always consult with your physician for any matters that relate directly to your health and well-being.  Your doctor can ultimately advise you on the best solution for your condition.

This award winning bunion splint was engineered and manufactured in Germany.  It is best for a mild to moderate bunion condition.  It is flexible, and designed to be very comfortable so that you can wear it often.  The soft pad, cushion, and straps feel good on your feet and offer good support.  You can even sleep in this style of bunion corrector, as it is designed to allow your feet and toes to move naturally while promoting the correct alignment.

So does the Alpha Orthotics bunion corrector work?  The reviews from previous owners are mostly positive, and it carries a 4 out of 5 star rating.  Many people have stated that you may have difficulty wearing this device inside of your normal shoes, especially if they are already somewhat tight.  Most have stated that it fits fine in roomy shoes such as Crocs or Uggs, but most people have opted to wear the device around the house or at night when sleeping.  Remember that this is designed for mild to moderate bunions, so if you have a more severe condition then this product will not be for you.  A substantial number of the reviewers have stated that this splint worked well for them and made comments about how comfortable it was.  You can see more about this product and read all of the reviews for yourself by following the link below.


For more information on how to better care for your feet, take a look at the following Washington Post news article.  It offers some insightful tips on practicing good foot care.

Your feet can take a beating carrying you where you need to go. In “Pedi-Cures,” Paige Greenfield describes some common foot problems and how to deal with them. If you have sweaty feet, which can make you prone to infections, wash your feet often — don’t neglect the spaces between your toes — and invest in sweat-wicking socks. Hammertoes and bunions are genetic and often require surgery, but using shoes that fit well can help ease the pain. Tendinitis and stress fractures are especially common among athletes, but many others experience these painful conditions. What to do? Warm up before exercising, take calcium and Vitamin D supplements, and ice after training. For heel pain, invest in cushioned shoe inserts. And finally, Greenfield says, if the pain persists, don’t push through it; consult a podiatrist instead....More at Avoiding foot injuries and dealing with ADHD - Washington Post

To learn more about bunions and the available treatment options, check out the following video by the Advanced Footcare Centers.  In this video, Ira Kraus, DPM offers some great details about this condition.