Toe Straightener

Crooked ToesCrooked toes are not only an embarrassment but a source of persistent discomfort that can only be managed safely with a toe straightener.  This simple device helps to straighten your toes without the need for any surgical procedures.

Whether you have a bunion, overlapping toes, hammer toes, or even rubbing toes, the use of the right straightener will help you to alleviate the problem in a natural way.  For the straighteners to be effective you should shop for them depending on the number of toes that are affected, and the respective problem that is affecting your toe(s).  For instance, models of toe straighteners are designed in accordance to the number of affected toes and the respective condition, for example:

  • Double toe
  • Single toe
  • Bunion toe
  • Hammer toe
  • Etc.

In addition, you should be careful when buying toe straighteners, because some are either made for the right or the left foot respectively.

Watch the following video animation of a surgical procedure to correct a rigid hammer toe condition.  I think you will agree that trying a non-surgical approach first would be a good option if it helps to avoid surgery.

Toe Straightener Models

There are various models of straighteners in the market today.  Some of the well known models include:

  • Single toe straighteners
    These straighteners are ideal for straightening single toes.  If you have a single toe that is affected, this is the most practical straightener for you.  Equally, it is very useful especially if your affected toes are on different feet.
  • Double toe straighteners
    Just like their name suggests, double toe straighteners are ideal for straightening double toes.  They are designed for supporting adjacent toes.  If two of your adjacent toes are rubbing against each other or are overlapping, these are the right straighteners for you.
  • Triple toe straighteners
    These are ideal for supporting three toes at once.  If three of your neighboring toes are affected, you can use these straighteners to fix your problem.
  • Hammer toe straighteners
    These are special straighteners for physically crooked toes.  Your toes may have a physical deformity when one of their joints is injured.  Permanently bent toes may either come as a result of hammer toe, mallet toe, or claw toe deformities.  All these problems can be corrected with the right hammer toe straighteners.  These straighteners will help to straighten up your toes into their original shape.
  • Bunion toe straighteners
    These are designed to ease the pain that is associated with bunions.  They cushion your affected toe from shoe's friction and pressure.  They also help in pulling the toe forward, which is a preventative action that cushions the toes from developing new bunions.  Additionally, they are designed to fit comfortably into your shoes.  However, they are generally not recommended for those individuals who have poor circulation or suffer from diabetes.

Top Brands of Toe Straighteners

Some examples of popular brands of toe straighteners include:

  • Pedifix Toe Straightener - One Size Fits Most
    This reusable straightener helps in correction of crooked toes and reduction of friction between toes.  Additionally, it also helps in disentangling overlapping toes.
  • SmartToes Toe Stretcher and Straightener
    This foot care product is a multipurpose tool for stretching and straightening your crooked toes.  Its function is also not limited to the number of affected toes.  Additionally, it helps in relieving you from the discomfort that is caused by bunions.
  • Good Night Bunion Adjustable Profoot
    You are assured of a good night once you fit this straightener onto your bunion-afflicted toe.  What's even better is that you can adjust it in accordance to your foot size and wash it whenever it gets dirty.
  • Dr. Jill's Hammertoe Regulator
    This regulator is fashioned out of a sturdy foam material and elastic parts that help to straighten hammer toes gently.  It also helps in alleviating unsightly bulges that develop on top of hammer toes.  Additionally, it is reusable and can be worn on either foot.

Benefits of Utilizing Toe Straighteners

  • Affordability
    You can get these toe straighteners at a pocket-friendly price in most retail outlets.  Also, compared to surgical procedures, they offer the cheapest option that can be found.
  • Reusability
    There is no need of discarding them after usage.  You can rewash them and use them over and over again.
  • Flexibility
    You can either wear them in your shoes or without your shoes on.  You can also, wear them constantly or periodically without side effects.
  • Safety
    Instead of correcting your toe problems through a risky surgery, you can try a safe toe straightener instead, and hopefully avoid unwanted surgical procedures.